Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises
Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises

SEPA payments generation from any format (national, proprietary, Excel)

ALAXY has designed a new product: SEPA_NDAT to help enterprises in this migration. Cheap, quickly operational, efficient (200 to 600 000 payment orders per hour), it is entirely user configurable and provides the necessary functionalities. 


This application particularly suits small and medium entreprises and associations that have fewer than 20 to 50,000 clients and send credit transfers and/or direct debits to one or several banks, in their name or on behalf of others.

SEPA migration End Date postponed to August 1st

This End Date (February 1st 2014) is a very important date for companies in the majority of Euro zone countries: from then on their payment flows will have to be sent using the new XML formats defined by the EPC (European Payments Council) to standardise payment exchanges in Europe.


Regarding the migration rates for credit transfers and direct debits, Europe has proposed impacted countries to adopt in urgency an additional period of 6 months for users to adapt their systems, "then transistion period will not be extended after 1 August".

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Pour les associations et les PME, SEPA_NDAT permet de générer très simplement des ordres de virement, des demandes de prélèvement ou des demandes de règlement SEPAmail à partir de fichiers Excel, de fichiers csv ou par saisie de type portail bancaire.


SEPA_NDAT now allows associations and SME to generate SEPA credit or debit orders easily from Excel or csv files or via keying.

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