Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises
Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises

ALAXY: the entreprise

The creator of the ALAXY enterprise et designer of its products works in the world of the banks, payments (payment, cheque and card) and flows handling for more than 25 years. He has managed several times the design of applications and tools to simulate flows and protocols and to help and speed up testing phases.


The arrival of SEPA and its new XML formats have lead some banks to a lost of points of reference and efficiency in the design, building and testing of these new systems. This observation, the real experience got through many SEPA projects in different European banks are the origin of the first tools creation for ISO20022 flow generation. At the opposite of existing tools or technical approach for creating XML, the searched goal was to serve the functional purpose:

  • each data coulf be defined using different methods
  • each transaction could be defined data by data
  • test case definition could define several files of multiple formats.


With the time, the functional perimeter increased (pain, pacs, EBA format, R-messages), user interface optimized, conversion functions added, etc. The nucleus is reliable and performant (can generate up to 12 millions of payments/hour) using a data level definition.


At the end of January 2013, a decision to package some functions and propose a real application to enterprises to help them migrate theirs flows was taken. The choosen target (enterprises having less than 50,000 clients) and the selected perimeter were resulting and including several constraints:

  • this kind of enterprises was not taken into account by the big editors
  • the global cost of the solution had to be acceptable for such firms
  • the delivery and price had to be close to a all-inclusive solution
  • the actual application base should not be changed
  • other existing formats as Excel, csv files than flat file standards had to be supported.

To bring this latter application face to face to integration reality in enterprises, we are now looking for pilot clients in France and aboard. The software is available in English, the French version will be available end of May.

The ALAXY legal statuses will be filed in June.

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Pour les associations et les PME, SEPA_NDAT permet de générer très simplement des ordres de virement, des demandes de prélèvement ou des demandes de règlement SEPAmail à partir de fichiers Excel, de fichiers csv ou par saisie de type portail bancaire.


SEPA_NDAT now allows associations and SME to generate SEPA credit or debit orders easily from Excel or csv files or via keying.

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