Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises
Le traitement des flux de paiement pour les banques et les entreprises

SEPA_NDAT: a payment converter for SEPA (from Excel or flat file)

To help a company satisfy its upcoming obligations from 2014 onwards (the End Date), ALAXY has developped a SEPA converter, SEPA_NDAT, easy to use, quickly operational and entirely user configurable. This software transforms any flat file or Excel file into XML ISO20022 file.


To know more about these new constraints for enterprises:

The SEPA_NDAT's main functions

Access a description of the main functionalities of SEPA_NDAT:

Technical informations

Necessary environment

SEPA_NDAT only needs a Windows station with Excel (version 97 and onwards).

The station must have access to the files that will be converted and to a file location where the system responsible for the transfer to the bank will pick up the results.



The current performance is between 200,000 and 600,000 payments per hour. Future optimizations should improve these figures.



Depending on the volume to be processed and the number of relations to be handled, the needed configuration can vary from one to several stations. The only constraint to multi-station configuration is related to flow routing: the relations handled by one station must always be handled by that station.


The product is commercialised via distributors. Several types of license are available:

  • license to support credit transfer orders
  • license to support direct debit orders
  • backup license.

These licenses can be sold either in an "opened" mode where all the parameters can be customised or in a "closed" mode where the processing parameters - defined in general by a bank - cannot be modified. They are attached to a unique station, a backup license is in case of unavailability of this station.

Their price is for 12 months and depends on the number of relations. The first prices begin at some hundreds of euro.


Notion of relation

This notion is closed to the Mandate notion but had to include the support of credit transfers. Some examples :

  • For credit transfers, a relation is most of the time equivalent to a beneficiary account.
  • For direct debits, a relation depend on the company's choice :
    • when mono product or when the debit is unique for all the sold products, a relation is equivalent to a debtor account.
    • when the company wants to handle a mandate per product, a relation is equivelent to the mandate.

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Pour les associations et les PME, SEPA_NDAT permet de générer très simplement des ordres de virement, des demandes de prélèvement ou des demandes de règlement SEPAmail à partir de fichiers Excel, de fichiers csv ou par saisie de type portail bancaire.


SEPA_NDAT now allows associations and SME to generate SEPA credit or debit orders easily from Excel or csv files or via keying.

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